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Below, some of our translation and language teaching projects.

Scientific Papers | Federal and State Universities

  • Approval rate of 97%
  • More than 200,000 words translated per year
  • Leading Brazilian universities (professors and students)
  • Knowledge areas: water science and biological sciences in general. Humanities.

Trilogy Inocêncio | Valdi Ercolani

English translation of 3 books.

La Glória del Fútbol | Fundación Leo Messi

Translation of e-book into 7 languages.

Blueprint Homeschooling | Amy Knepper

English to Portuguese translation. Bestseller in its category.

Os Segredos… | Jamie C. Martin

English to Portuguese translation.

Livre para Aprender | Pam Laricchia

English to Portuguese translation.

Series Caius Zip | Editora Viajante do Tempo

Portuguese to English translation of all books.

Editora Brasileira de Arte e Cultura

English version of 8 books, including Antártica – A Última Fronteira por Marina Klink and corporate book for PricewaterhouseCoopers

Ferramentas Perdidas | Old School Editora

English to Portuguese translation of the highly acclaimed text, The Lost Tools of Learning.

GMAT for CPFL, Campinas, SP: a 6-month project to prepare students for the GMAT exam.

Special difficulties for executives at RaboBank, São Paulo, SP: 4-month intensive course to improve fluency and grammar.

More than 25 years of experience teaching executive English at leading Brazilian companies. Content and method development for special requirements.