We provide translation, editing and proofreading services and custom language courses. Our services include multi-language course development and management for companies, private language classes, literary translations and translation and editing of scientific papers, websites and manuals.

We work independently or as a team, depending on the project, and usually work remotely, which reduces costs to our clients and boosts efficiency.

Each member of our team was carefully selected after participating in large projects with us. In these projects, they demonstrated their professionalism, reliability and capacity to produce excellent work under pressure. We are all native and have 10 or more years of experience working in our languages.


Hi, I am Cipriana Leme, Founder and Manager of eAdvance. Below, a little about me and my work.

Argentinian, raised in England, Brazilian citizen by choice. More than 25 years of experience in language teaching and translations for private clients, authors, university professors and students, agencies, publishing houses and companies in general.

I founded eAdvance after forming a select team of translators for a 7-language project involving the book of a football star. During this project, I managed to work with the best professionals I could find and I have been working with them ever since. 

In the area of language teaching, I have worked for some of the most demanding clients and companies in Brazil and reached the peak of my career after 25 years of teaching. During this time, I identified many of the problems faced by students and created a custom system that allows teachers to adapt study resources and approaches to ensure the best assimilation of content, increase fluency and greater exposure to the foreign language.